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What You Need to Know From YSI This Week: July 19, 2013

Posted by Patrick Higgins on Jul 19, 2013 2:00:00 PM

Oh what a week....back in Yellow Springs....(you do know this is to the tune 'December 1963, Oh What a Night').  That danged tune will be in my head all day now.  As we wind down this week at YSI, we are pouring ourselves an extra cup of coffee and following up on our notes we jotted down.  We hosted our NA sales team this week, our IQ SensorNet team, approximately 60 guests from our local Laboratory Analysts Committee and our NA marketing team.


1) All Work, All Play

Apparently, when you put together a group of sales and marketing teams you can have harmony.  Not the skip through the meadows, whistling tunes, type of harmony but more like we need each other type of harmony.  After our days of figuring it all out, we were able to let loose a bit with dinner, pool, laughing, video games and the 4D experience where you just laugh and yell the whole time (kind of like the meetings you might sit in on).

YSI Sales Team on Ride


2) Trade it In or Get a Rebate

As you must know by now, YSI recently released our line of colorimeters and our MultiLab line.  To help you acquire one these great water quality instruments, we are running a trade in program and a rebate program simultaneously (sorry - it's USA only).

1) The trade in program allows you to send us an old YSI meter or any competitive meter and we will take money off the purchase of a new meter.  Contact us for more information.

2) The rebate program allows you to simply acquire one of our new meters through any dealer, simply send in a form with your proof of purchase and will send you a check.   Contact us for more information.  


3) It's a Prestigious Award!

Pollution Engineering has released their 2013 Editor's Choice Awards and YSI was chosen. The YSI IQ SensorNet UV and UV/VIS spectral sensors were selected as part of the selection process for instrumentation.  The UltraClean technology on each sensor provides continual ultrasonic cleaning allowing the sensors to remain in high fouling environments for long periods of time without manual cleaning: watch video.

Pollution Engineering Award for YSI


YSI Meter Spotting

This YSI Pro Series meter was recently spotted on a very hot and humid July sampling day on the Chesapeake Bay as part of the Chesapeake Bay Trust water quality monitoring program.  

YSI Pro Series in Chesapeake Bay

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